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KCS Building Group is the most trusted custom home builder in Hampshire, Tennessee

When you’re building a new or custom home, you need everything from big-picture guidance to small detail management.
KCS Building Group stands by you from the first site visit right through to the moment you get the keys.

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Deciding to build on your own lot provides a unique level of customization and personal attachment. KCS Building Group values the emotional and strategic significance of this choice. We deliver comprehensive services to evaluate and prepare your land for construction, maximizing its potential and enhancing its beauty. Our experienced team takes into account the specific details of your lot, from soil conditions to zoning requirements, to build a home that harmonizes with its natural setting.

Sometimes you come to us with detailed plans, a clear vision, and all the specifications. Other times, you might just have a dream and some ideas. In either scenario, we’re here to support you. You can bring your architectural plan, or if you’re starting from zero, we can assist in selecting a plan that suits your vision and needs. From modern layouts to traditional designs, we partner with you to find the perfect blueprint for your dream home.

Continuous communication is essential in building a custom home. At KCS Building Group, we ensure you’re always informed. From the first site visit to handing over the keys, we keep you updated at every project stage. Through frequent updates, consultations, and reviews, we exceed your expectations. We’re always available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a transparent and seamless process.

Custom fixtures and finishes personalize a house, turning it into your home and expressing your style, personality, and needs. Whether it’s a special type of hardwood flooring, one-of-a-kind kitchen tiles, or custom cabinetry, KCS Building Group works with a variety of suppliers to offer an extensive range of high-quality options. We meticulously focus on the details that matter to you, ensuring every aspect of your new home reflects your vision and is built to last.

One of the greatest concerns in building a new home is staying on time and on budget. At KCS Building Group, we use sophisticated project management tools and methods to ensure that your home is built within the agreed timeline and budget. Our team is skilled at coordinating various tasks and trades, making sure that each phase of the project transitions smoothly into the next, mitigating delays and unexpected costs.

As a fully licensed and insured custom home builder, KCS Building Group offers you peace of mind throughout the construction process. Our credentials and comprehensive insurance coverage mean that you are protected against unforeseen incidents. We adhere to the highest industry standards in every aspect of our work, from safety practices to quality control, ensuring a home that’s not just beautiful but soundly constructed.

Understanding and managing building codes and permits can be one of the toughest parts of constructing a home. KCS Building Group eases this burden by taking care of all necessary codes and permits for you. Our knowledge of local building regulations, zoning laws, and permit requirements ensures the process is swift and accurate, eliminating costly errors or delays.

Our network of thoroughly vetted subcontractors means that every aspect of your home is constructed by professionals who are experts in their respective fields. From electricians to plumbers to craftsmen, we only work with individuals and firms that meet our high standards for quality, reliability, and ethics. This guarantees that your home is built with the highest level of expertise and care.

Coordinating with architects and designers is often crucial for realizing the full potential of your custom home. At KCS Building Group, we believe in the value of collaborative efforts. We work closely with your chosen professionals to ensure that architectural plans and interior designs are executed flawlessly. By fostering a harmonious relationship with your architect and designer, we ensure that your dream home comes to life just as you’ve imagined it.

We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life.

KCS Building Group provides custom home builder services throughout Hampshire and surrounds.

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Your KCS Building Group contract is a crystal-clear picture of what you can expect from us, from start to finish. We are grateful to have been given your time and dollars. We will let you know exactly how it is being used.

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We offer the best in-house electricians, plumbers and painters in Hampshire and surrounds. Each subcontractor crew must follow our strict code of conduct.

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A team of experienced professionals will manage your project. We're only a phone call away. Expect close attention to detail and higher-than-high standards.

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We offer a guarantee on all work and materials so that you can feel confident in your investment.

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What questions should I ask
a residential general contractor when I want to build a custom home?

“Custom” can mean anything from changing minor details of your existing plan to from-scratch planning with your architect and design team. KCS Building Group will work closely with your architect and design team to ensure your vision becomes reality.

You do. When we create your budget and work plan, we’ll build in allowances for everything from countertops to deck lighting. The choices are up to you (and your designer, if you choose one), and can be as practical or as extravagant as your tastes and budget allow. KCS Building Group can help you decide which finishes and fixtures to splurge on, and where to keep it simple.

The land you choose has a major impact on the type of house you can build on it. Some neighborhoods have specific guidelines and covenants to follow, and some properties have physical features that determine what’s possible. KCS Building Group helps you make smart construction decisions based on your unique property.

Building a new or custom home is a big project with many moving parts. Make sure you understand exactly what your contractor’s estimate covers to avoid unpleasant surprises mid-project. KCS Building Group provides “total package” estimates. Everything you need—HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and more—in one itemized proposal.

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